DOLE® Frozen Fruit

Frozen Mango Chunks

Turn any dish tropical with sweet, all-natural mango chunks. Perfect for smoothies, snacking, and staycations. Available in a 16oz. bag and also conveniently portioned in a 40oz. bag containing 5 pre-portioned individual servings, allowing for easy measuring, and less freezer burn and clumping.

Dole Mango Chunks

All the Benefits

"The most wholesome frozen fruits grown under the sun. Ready to mix up your recipes and mealtime routines in a whole new way. Taste the unexpected.” 


Frozen Fruit IS BETTER THAN FRESH Haven’t you heard? DOLE® Frozen Fruit was born to be blended. Quick Frozen to lock in nutrients and flavor, our frozen fruit makes for the best smoothies.

All Natural Fruit
Non GMO*
*No genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients
Just as Nutritious as Fresh Fruit

Where did those Fruits grow?

Dole Mango Chunks

This Fruit's Story

DOLE® Frozen Mango Chunks are processed in the United States.

Did You Know?

DOLE® Frozen Mango Chunks uses a freezing process that allows each individual fruit piece to quickly freeze, also known as IQF (individual quick-frozen). This reduces clumping and limits the formation of ice crystals. The result is great tasting mango every time.

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