Berry Spark™ Smoothie

with blueberries, bananas, and blackberries

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Bag in Bag 2 lb 32 oz



Focused on delicious! Dole Boosted Blends® Berry Spark is fuel for the mind, a kick-start for your focus, and a great get-up-and-go anytime you need it. This delectable smoothie supports brain health with antioxidant Vitamin C in every smooth sip of fantastic fruit flavor. Blueberries, banana, and blackberries are combined with a boosted cube made with banana, acai, cherry,flax seeds, and a hint of cinnamon!

Dole Boosted Blends Berry Spark Smoothie has been voted the 2023 Product of the Year winner in the Smoothie category! 40,000 people were surveyed by Kantar and chose our delicious and nutritious blend of berries, vitamins, and essential nutrients as the best smoothie around.

Try for yourself and taste why it's the top smoothie in the market. #POYUSA2023

Pro tip: For liquid, use any milk of your choice!

This Fruit’s Story

DOLE BOOSTED BLENDS® Berry Spark™ final product is produced in the United States.

Did you know?

Start your day with a delicious smoothie experience like no other. Simply measure 1.5 to 2 cups of the milk of your choice, depending on desired thickness, and pour into a blender. Empty one DOLE BOOSTED BLENDS® 8oz. bag into the blender, cover and blend until smooth. Makes a 20-24 fl. oz. smoothie, depending on the amount of liquid added.