New Student-run Cafe Opened July 6 to Community of South Central Los Angeles

Dole Packaged Foods, Kogi, CRCD and Jefferson High School Launch a Student-run Community Enterprise LOS ANGELES

LOS ANGELES – July 8, 2013 – On Saturday, July 6, South Central Los Angeles welcomed the new 3 Worlds Café, a student-run enterprise that offers healthy beverages and snacks representative of the diverse neighborhood it’s in. Conceptualized and brought to life by student, company and community partnerships, 3 Worlds Café is a collaboration of Dole Packaged Foods, Kogi, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) and students from Jefferson High School to not only offer healthy food options, but to serve as a community hub committed to providing job skills and business training for youth, and highlighting the culture of the area through art, music and literary exhibitions.


Initiated in 2011, the 3 Worlds Café concept began when Dole and award-winning chef Roy Choi of Kogi reached out to the urban neighborhood to provide assistance and healthy food training at one of the oldest schools in L.A. With three standout diverse cultures representing the past and present communities of the area, the students named this project and began serving smoothies and other fruit items with a neighborhood twist, including fruit paletas, coconut milk infused smoothies and boba drinks, twice a week on lunch fruit cart.  Made with Dole ingredients and enhanced by the culinary expertise of Roy Choi, the administration, staff and most importantly, the students, quickly took to these healthy offerings that represented their community.

A growing neighborhood interest and dedication from students and partners alike attracted the attention of the CRCD, which offered a storefront space and staffing to further this venture into the community.

“When we started this project two years ago it was about a passion for giving back to the community with healthier food options,” said Stuart McAllister, Director of Field Sales for Dole Packaged Foods.  “It is an honor to see the café now open to the public and knowing it is a giant step in making change for good in Los Angeles.”

To further this concept, Dole provided start-up equipment, design and ingredients.  Kogi provided recipe development, graphic design, operations training and marketing.  Jefferson High School students provided artistic and concept direction, and will benefit from on-the-job training and education on how to run a successful and sustaining business.

“It has been my mission to prove that great food doesn’t have to cost a great amount, and thanks to all the partners and the passion and dedication of the students, we have established this amazing concept,” said Roy Choi, chef and co-founder of Kogi. “Food has always brought people together in my life, and as a guy from Los Angeles, I am honored to be a part of this cultural community highlight.”

Open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., 3 Worlds Café, 3310 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, 90011, will offer fruit paletas, chili lime fruit, Coco Nuts (a blend of fruit with coconut milk), Boba Fet (Fruit boba with seasoned fresh juices), fruit smoothies, DoleWhip (soft serve frozen dessert) with fruit toppings and Banana Dippers (frozen chocolate dipped banana slices) all for around $3 to $5 range.

All profits from 3 Worlds Café will go directly into the operations of the café. Any additional profits will benefit the CRCD and the training and development of youth.

About Dole Packaged Foods

Dole Packaged Foods LLC, a subsidiary of Dole International Holdings, is a leader in sourcing, processing, distributing and marketing fruit products and healthy snacks throughout the world.

Dole markets a full line of canned, jarred, cup, frozen and dried fruit products and is an innovator in new forms of packaging and processing fruit. For more information please visit

About Kogi and Roy Choi

Thanksgiving of 2008, Kogi BBQ had first rolled out as the little Korean-taco-truck-that-could, peddling $2.00 Korean barbecue tacos on the streets of L.A. Within a few months, Kogi became an icon of LA street food, a roving symbol of rebellion, independence and the belief that excellent food can be had on a dime budget. Within a few short years of putting street food on the map and on the minds of the everyday diner, Kogi has become a kind of iconoclastic symbol wherein legends are born and rules are made to be broken. The Kogi family has since opened up its counters in Culver City at Alibi Room and its first sit-down restaurant Chego! in Palms and Chinatown. Co-founder of Kogi, Roy Choi, is a classically trained chef, who after twelve years of gourmet cooking, took to the streets of his hometown in L.A. to create the gourmet food truck movement we know today.  Using Twitter to help fans locate the truck, Choi’s efforts with Kogi have been dubbed the “first viral eatery” by Newsweek.

About CRCD

Founded in 2005, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development has a unique focus on young people in Vernon-Central (age 16-25), and collaborates with residents, businesses, community-based organizations, civic leaders, and Los Angeles Trade Technical College, to improve the quality of life in our community.

When we started this project two years ago it was about a passion for giving back to the community with healthier food options

Stuart McAllister
Stuart McAllister
Director of Field Sales for Dole Packaged Foods