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We are taking action to ensure our Dole Promise is shared with the world, in an effort to drive change. Malnutrition Labels, an experiential initiative in New York, was designed to spark conversation and shed light on the gaps in nutrition access, affordability, and acceptability. The Growing Distance, a short film, brings to life these critical gaps we see as barriers to good nutrition for all.

Make Pineapple Juice Day Real

Pineapple juice lovers, unite! Pineapple juice deserves its time to shine. Rally with Dole Packaged Foods to establish August 17 as National Pineapple Juice Day. Sign the petition and once 5,000 signatures are collected, Dole will take the charge to make the holiday official. Dole will make a donation for each signature (up to $5,000) to Feeding America.

The Ocean Race

Dole Sunshine Company is teaming up with The Ocean Race to bring awareness to the critical issues affecting the health of our oceans. Through advocacy efforts, this initiative will drive action to improve planet.

The Unforbidden Fruit

We launched The Unforbidden Fruit campaign with a letter directed to Pope Francis which ran in la Repubblica newspaper.

Musa Fabric

As part of our Dole Promise towards zero fruit loss and reducing food waste, Dole Sunshine Company has partnered with social enterprise Musa Fabric to turn banana waste into useful fibers through an apparel partnership woven by marginalized communities.

Malnutrition Labels Food Waste

After a larger-than-life activation, projecting Malnutrition Labels on the sides of New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore buildings, we teamed up with City Harvest to get the word out in a small but critically relevant space, New York’s trash bins. With disruptive activations, we hope to #ChangeTheFacts and reduce food waste in New York City and across the country.

The Growing Distance

We believe good nutrition is a human right. That’s why we’re striving to put healthy food within reach for all. Join us to build a brighter future and learn how we’re sparking conversation and action to help close the gaps in nutrition access, affordability, and acceptability.

Malnutrition Labels

Malnutrition isn’t specific to one city, one region, or one country. It doesn’t discriminate based on ethnicity or age or gender identity or socioeconomic status. We believe good nutrition is a human right. Join us to change the facts.

Dole x Datuna

NFT Collaboration

Using Sunshine for All as inspiration, ‘Hungry Artist’ David Datuna has created a series of NFT art pieces that bring awareness to nutrition inequality worldwide. Join us, David and the Boys and Girls Club in taking a bite out of hunger.

We are promising people, planet and prosperity at the heart of everything we do to make the sun shine brighter for all

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Musa Fabric

As part of our Dole Promise towards zero fruit loss and reduced landfills necessary for carbon neutrality, Dole Sunshine Company has partnered with social enterprise Musa Fabric to turn banana waste into fibres of purpose through a partnership creating fashion products, woven by marginalized communities. We believe that by putting the prosperity of people and the planet at the heart of everything we do, the sun shines brighter for us all.

Better-for-you Refreshment

We followed our All Natural Seasons™ Tropical Fruit launch with a further zero sugar new product: Dole All Natural Sparkling Fruit Drink. Delivering on the same promise, this affordably priced fruit drink is packed with vitamin C and contains no added sugar, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients.

All-Natural New Products

We’ve relaunched our tropical fruit salad as no-added sugar. Our nutrition packed, All Natural Seasons™ Tropical Fruit is clean label, with natural goodness, and zero processed sugar content, clear for all to see.

Getting More from Bananas

In the Philippines, we’re finding clever ways to make use of imperfect bananas and reduce our fruit loss. Instead of being wasted, any delicious, healthy banana that visually doesn’t make the grade is now being made into frozen banana slices, banana chips, flour, purée, and more. Collectively, these projects have cut our local fruit loss by 23%, while opening up job opportunities for local communities.

Nothing Goes to Waste

Dole Fruit Chews and Dole Fruitly Juice are two new products created to make sure we use every possible piece of mango and papaya by making it into delicious and healthy snacks. As a result of this innovation, 1 million kg of fruit will be saved from landfill in 2021.

Reducing Fruit Loss with Quality Control

Using cloud based technology, we are digitalizing our fruit quality checks with the intent to reduce fruit loss of pineapples. Working together with quality app ClariFruit, we are building consistency into our fruit checking in order to prevent unnecessary fruit rejections. Japan is already trialling a pilot scheme, with the rest of Asia set to join by the end of 2022.