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The name Dole Sunshine Company is used to represent the global interests and combined efforts of Dole Asia Holdings, Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods and Dole Asia Fresh. Dole Sunshine Company is not an actual business entity and does not operate as such in any country or region. For more information on Dole Sunshine Company, please visit

Dole Sunshine Company Turns Banana Waste into Fibres of Purpose with Musa Fabric

Dole Sunshine Company (DSC) has partnered with social enterprise Musa Fabric to turn banana waste into fibres of purpose through a partnership creating textiles, woven by inmates.

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Dole Inspires In The Aisle With New Snap And Store Fridge Packs

Innovative clear, resealable packaging makes ordinary meals “Extra” – in a snap!

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA (September 23, 2019): Today Dole Packaged Foods, LLC unveiled DOLE® Fridge Packs, a new line of shelf stable packaged fruit in user-friendly containers that snap, stack, and store in the fridge, so the refreshing, delicious taste of DOLE fruit is always at hand.

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Dole Continues Actions around ‘The Dole Promise’ with #UnstuffedBears Highlighting the Harsh Reality of Childhood Hunger

With 1 in 4 children in America expected to go hungry this holiday season.

SINGAPORE - 3rd December 2020 - This holiday season, it is estimated that one in four children in America may go hungry– a startling statistic made even graver due to the pandemic’s impact. With this harsh reality in mind, Dole Packaged Foods today announced the #UnstuffedBears campaign, an effort to drive awareness of the growing hunger gap, raise funds and donate nutritional foods that will help those in need this season.

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Dole Asia Holdings Statement on the Andy Hall – Natural Fruit Co., Ltd. Matter

Dole has been made aware of pending litigation in Thailand involving the Thai company Natural Fruit Co., Ltd. and Mr. Andy Hall, apparently concerning claims by Mr. Hall of alleged labour rights violations at Natural Fruit’s facilities. Dole has been asked to use its status as a supposed member of the Thai Pineapple Industry Association to exert influence over Natural Fruit with respect to its pending litigation against Mr. Hall. However, Dole is not a member of the Thai Pineapple Industry Association and does not have any business dealings with Natural Fruit.

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Dole Takes on the New ‘Normal-ish’ with Fruit Bowls Campaign

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. – January 8, 2021 – Welcome to the (not so) New Year. With a focus on the new normal, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC is kicking off the next phase of its Fruit Bowls® campaign: Normal-ish. The campaign delivers some sunshine through a tongue-in-cheek look at the re-invented ways we are all getting back to normal. From the office and the gym, to date nights and alone time, families of all shapes and sizes once again turn to fruit as the antidote to help with the normal-ish adjustments.

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Dole Packaged Foods Opens New Frozen Fruit Facility In McDonough, Georgia

Operation will strategically service east coast customers in a timelier manner.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Feb. 12, 2021 -- Dole Packaged Foods, LLC opened a new state-of-the-art frozen fruit facility in McDonough, GA on January 28th. This is Dole's third frozen fruit facility in the United States, complimenting the existing operations in Atwater, CA and Decatur, MI.

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Dole Launches Sunshine For All Fund Fueling Innovation To Close The Gaps On Good Nutrition

Global Fund Will Work to Drive Brand Closer to Fulfilling Its Promise

SINGAPORE – February 19, 2021 – Just over six months after issuing The Dole Promise to the world, Dole Asia Holdings and its subsidiaries are now focusing on both global awareness and immediate action with the launch of its Sunshine for All™ Fund, a $2 million annual fund that will support global strategic partnerships and innovation in the crucial areas of sustainability, food access and waste. The fund is being launched in tandem with The Growing Distance, a short film that addresses the critical gaps the company sees as barriers to good nutrition for all.

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Dole Sunshine Company Drives Global Promise Forward with Eye on 2025

One year after launch Dole reports on it's promise of Sunshine for All® - making change for people, planet and prosperity.

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Dole Packaged Foods, LLC Unveils New “Hold My Fruit Bowl” Campaign

A playful spin on the "Hold My Beer" meme, the humorous spots showcase kids doing the impossible with a little help from fruit.

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Dole Sunshine Company Harnesses New York’s Trash to Create Awareness of the Impact of Food Waste on Malnutrition and Food Insecurity

Survey reveals need for education: one third of Americans make no effort to reduce food waste.

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