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Feeding Education

Together with Mahintana Foundation and the Philippines Department of Education we’re getting healthy and nutritious food to school children across the country. The Nutripan project produces nutrition snacks such as vegetable-filled breads as an alternative to junk food, making sure kids get the right kind of brain food during their time at school.

Covid-19 Isolation Unit

In August 2020, we teamed up with Howard Hubbard Memorial Hospital to create a state-of-the-art COVID-19 isolation unit. This world-class facility has been able to provide critical help for over 250 people during the global pandemic.

Reducing Fruit Loss with Quality Control

Using cloud based technology, we are digitalizing our fruit quality checks with the intent to reduce fruit loss of pineapples. Working together with quality app ClariFruit, we are building consistency into our fruit checking in order to prevent unnecessary fruit rejections. Japan is already trialling a pilot scheme, with the rest of Asia set to join by the end of 2022.

Nothing Goes to Waste

Dole Fruit Chews and Dole Fruitly Juice are two new products created to make sure we use every possible piece of mango and papaya by making it into delicious and healthy snacks. As a result of this innovation, 1 million kg of fruit will be saved from landfill in 2021.

Clean Sanitation for All

Better sanitation is essential for preventing diseases and avoiding malnutrition, particularly in sick children. As such, we’re supporting the The Zero Open Defecation program in the Philippines. Since 2014, the program has helped to install 1,810 hygienic toilets in homes, raising living standards for families throughout the country.

Clean Hands Against Covid

Our sustainability and engineering teams have turned colorful metal drums, into touch-free hand washing sinks. Placed in strategic spots, these facilities, with free soap and demonstrations on proper hand washing help in the fight against COVID-19, by preventing the spread.