Zero Processed Sugar

We want our consumers to enjoy the goodness of the earth without processed sugar.

The Why

Excessive consumption of processed sugar is linked to numerous health issues, including  increased rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and tooth decay.

These conditions threaten all countries and people, and often go hand- in-hand with a lack of access to fresh food and food insecurity. One simple way to eat healthier is to limit the amount of processed sugars in people’s diets. This is why we are working toward zero processed sugars in all our products by 2025.

181 mil

tons of sugar is estimated to be consumed globally per year


teaspoons of sugar are consumed every day by the average American



Removing processed sugar, not taste

Through product development and new launches, we are finding creative ways to replace processed sugars with natural alternatives without sacrificing taste. In 2021, we began tackling the most challenging product lines on our journey to zero processed sugars: canned fruit in syrup range and fruits in gel and parfait items.

These product lines are popular both in homes and restaurants, so we can’t risk compromising each product’s high-quality flavor and taste. We are currently evaluating the full range of alternative ingredients that can offer the same, or better, taste  without the processed sugar.


Promoting healthy eating by reducing sugar intake

By promoting the benefits of good nutrition, as well as improving access to it, we are helping people build a lifestyle around healthy eating.

In 2021, we improved our on-pack communications to include information that arms our consumers with the knowledge they need to make healthy food choices. We also bring these facts and benefits to life in our Dole Nutrition Employee Handbook, which is our go-to-guide for innovation and food reformulation processes within Dole.

See how Dole is spreading Sunshine For All®


of our U.S. products contain zero processed sugar


metric tons of processed sugar removed in 2021


of our products in the Philippines carry clean labels