Shared Value For All Stakeholders

We have a responsibility and an opportunity to play our part in helping people and the planet to thrive. We need to ensure that our actions improve the lives of everyone across our value chain and our operations positively impact the places we work.

The Why

Showing all our partners, such as farmers, communities and suppliers, the value of working with Dole is important to our business and our mission to be a great place for people and planet.

By 2025, we aim to increase the value of our business by 50%, for the benefit of all our stakeholders. To get there, we will continue to follow and respect internationally recognized principles on human rights, environmental management, business integrity and anti-corruption. We will ensure that employees are treated ethically and with respect, and we will pursue the highest standards in our dealings with consumers, vendors and customers.


of people living in poverty are in rural areas, yet these rural areas account for only 45% of the world’s population


almost half of humanity is living on less than $5.50 a day


Caring for Employees

We respect human rights

We create inclusive work environments that are rewarding for all our employees, and we do not tolerate forced, child, or compulsory labor. This is why many hundreds of families have chosen to work for Dole across multiple generations.

Human rights is a topic we tackled rigorously in 2021. Working in collaboration with third-party specialists, we conducted an internal review of our salient risks and identified 11 areas to focus on. This process supported the creation of our human rights policy and due diligence process. Both of these  are being rolled out across Dole.

Supporting Farmers and Communities

Everyone should prosper

We provide extensive support to our farmers, including regenerative agriculture, which enables them to increase yields and thrive. We also invest in developing and enriching local communities.

We strive to support local farming communities and our employees through the expansion of operational facilities. We opened a new clinic in Sierra Leone which has the highest maternal mortality rate, and specializes in providing maternal care.

Protecting Resources

Responsible consumption

We act responsibly in our use of resources and we leverage tactics that offer sustainable, long- term benefits to fruit farmers who may be affected by climate change and extreme weather events.

We are an industry leader for recycling water used in the fruit packaging process in the Philippines. In 2021, we continued to seek out ways to increase our and further protect and preserve water in the region and across our operations. In 2021, we also reviewed our supplier sourcing program, launching a third-party led sustainability consultation process.

Value For Shareholders

Delivering corporate value

Our business should always benefit shareholders. We track value creation for our shareholders through fully audited percentage increases in the corporate value of our divisions.

Our ‘Partners for Growth’ program invited 260 of our suppliers to a launch summit in early 2022 to share our ambition of working as equal partners to drive  innovation that supports people, planet and prosperity.

See how Dole is spreading Sunshine For All®


increase in value for our Food & Beverage Group in past 2 years

3.6 mil

trees planted in the Philippines


children have been helped by the Dole-supported School-Based Feeding Program