Contributing to Good Nutrition for 1 Billion People

We believe good nutrition is a human right and should be like sunshine: available and accessible to all.

The Why

Globally, the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization estimates 3.1 billion people can no longer afford a healthy diet. Cities around the world are becoming food deserts (limited access to nutritious foods) or food swamps (overrun with unhealthy food outlets) exacerbating food insecurity, malnutrition and poor diet choices.

Getting good nutrition to one billion people relies on our nutritious fruit products being accessible to the people who need them most. We have continued to expand our presence in countries around the world by bringing new products to market and by taking our nutritious products to more locations, both in traditional and online retailers.

1 in 3

people worldwide are affected by malnutrition

1 in 4

people globally are moderately or severely food insecure



Supply where it is needed

We are increasing the availability of good nutrition, particularly in areas that we call food deserts – where there are a limited number of stores supplying limited healthy food options.

Globally, in 2022, we have expanded our product distribution to close to 100,000 new retail outlets through partnering with Family Dollar Stores, McDonalds, and e-commerce retailers.


Good nutrition must be well priced

Providing inexpensive yet nutritious food is essential to convert the low- and middle-income consumers who could be making healthier food choices. We are introducing new products and pricing innovations, which do not sacrifice nutrition or sustainable production.

In 2021, we launched a new juice product in Thailand and focused on supplying the products to tens of thousands of smaller provincial stores rather than to large retailers. This allowed us to reach underserved communities in the region.


A better understanding of healthy food

We are working to improve consumers’ understanding of healthy eating through education.

One way we are tackling this is expanding our Sunshine for All Cities campaign in the US, United Arab Emirates, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through a fully integrated marketing campaign we reached over 12 million people on social media, and 500,000 people directly through outdoor and in-store activations.

See how Dole is spreading Sunshine For All®

640+ mil

people consumed our product in the last 12 months


kilograms of food collected and distributed to New Yorkers via City Harvest


bananas repurposed into nutritious juices, snacks and more