Aiming for Zero Fossil-based Plastic Packaging

We have a bold ambition to completely eliminate fossil fuel-based plastics in our primary product packaging by 2025.

The Why

Plastic packaging can protect fruit quality and safety, avoiding unnecessary fruit loss or waste, but disposed of incorrectly, plastic pollutes the planet and suffocates our oceans.

We are researching and piloting viable fossil fuel-free packaging solutions across all our manufacturing operations. In the meantime, we are helping consumers understand how to recycle our existing recyclable packaging (both plastics and cans) to ensure that we protect our planet.

1.34 gigatons

of emissions will be caused by plastic productions by 2030


plastics could represent 15% of the global carbon footprint



Alternative packaging solutions

We are accelerating and investing in research for suitable substitutes that meet our packaging needs,  without the need for fossil fuel-based plastic.

In 2021, we reduced our packaging thickness which has already saved over 300 tons of plastic. We are continuing to validate two alternative home-compostable biodegradable technologies and investing in the development of more circular solutions for packaging.

Greater Packaging Efficiency

Reducing plastic usage

While we work to reduce our fossil fuel-based plastic packaging, we are searching for innovative ways to reduce the amount of fossil fuel-based plastic we currently use.

As part of this initiative, we are also working to ensure that plastic used in our operations is recycled.

For our fruit labels, we are piloting stickers that are certified home-compostable from partially bio-based and plastic-free materials.

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fossil fuel-free packaging

US $10 mil

spent over the last 2 years in research and development projects with partners


metric tons of plastic saved by optimizing and reducing our packaging