Our Promises

For more than 120 years, Dole’s mission has been to deliver high-quality fresh and packaged fruit with positive impact on people, planet and prosperity.

Our promise to People, Planet and Prosperity are inspired by the spirit of ‘Sampo Yoshi,’ a Japanese philosophy that views the well-being of society and business as interdependent, ensuring the business is beneficial to all three – the seller, the buyer and the community.

We are doubling down on our mission to do business differently and joining forces with strategic partners in order to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations to better our world today and for future generations to come. Explore our promises below.

We are promising people, planet and prosperity at the heart of everything we do to make the sun shine brighter for all

Explore our Six promises

It has been two years since we announced our 6 Dole Promises to the world. In that time, we have strengthened the understanding within Dole on what it takes to deliver progress. Learn more about our progress over the last fiscal year 2022-2023.


Contributing to Good Nutrition for 1 Billion

Sustainable nutrition for 1 billion people by 2025


Working Towards Zero Fruit Loss

Zero fruit loss from Dole farms to markets by 2025


Aiming for Zero Fossil-Based Plastic Packaging

Move towards zero fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025


Working towards Net Zero Carbon in Our Operations

Carbon neutral in our operations by 2030


Working Towards Zero Processed Sugar

Eliminate processed sugar in all our products by 2025


Shared Value for All Stakeholders

Committed to equal opportunity, living wages, and increased benefits for all stakeholders

Our Actions

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Musa Fabric

As part of our Dole Promise towards zero fruit loss and reduced landfills necessary for carbon neutrality, Dole Sunshine Company has partnered with social enterprise Musa Fabric to turn banana waste into fibres of purpose through a partnership creating fashion products, woven by marginalized communities. We believe that by putting the prosperity of people and the planet at the heart of everything we do, the sun shines brighter for us all.

Natural Weed Control

In Sri Lanka, we’ve removed herbicides from our weed control thanks to a collaborative project with our workers. Small teams have been assigned ten hectares of land each and trained in natural weed control, and in return they receive a salary supplement. This ecological solution means less soil erosion, more soil biodiversity, better soil quality and with that more nutritious fruit.

Forest Rehabilitation

We are showing our love for the land by supporting the National Greening Program in the Philippines. In 2020, we planted 181,666 trees, including 60,949 bamboo plants, and adopted and nurtured rivers, creeks and forests close to our farms too.

Turning Food Waste Into Energy

We’ve been looking at inventive ways to create energy from our food waste for many years. One example is using rice hulls. Since 2012, we’ve reduced our local greenhouse gas emissions in the Philippines by 240,000 tCO2e, by generating renewable biomass energy from rice hulls. In doing this, we’ve saved 77 million liters of fossil fuel that would have otherwise been needed.

Power Transformation

By the end of 2021, we’ll be generating 7.9 MWp of our own renewable energy (at maximum capacity) and preventing fruit waste from going into landfill at the same time. That’s because we’re building two large biogas plants that will be powered by the waste fruit from our local canneries and plantation, with the aim of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 100,000 tCO2e every year.

A Truck Load of Fruit

Working with our retailers, we are ensuring truck food and beverage shipments are not unnecessarily light. We estimate that this initiative is saving 400,000 miles per year from our US supply chain and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 462 tCO2e at the same time.

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