Pineapple & Banana Juice

A premium blend of sweet pineapple and flavorful banana that tastes like a sunny day on an island beach. It’s refreshing and relaxing down to the last drop.

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DOLE JAYA® Pineapple & Banana is 100% juice with no added sugar or GMOs*, and is naturally gluten free. A great choice for health-minded people who love juice.

*No genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients


No Sugar Added

Non GMO*

*No genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients


Excellent Source of Vitamin C

Did You Know?

DOLE JAYA® is great for making tropical popsicles, too. Just fill up an ice tray with DOLE JAYA®, set a toothpick in each cube, then freeze. You’ll feel like a kid again, but with a yummier, premium popsicle.