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Orange Medley

Flavorful mango, mandarin oranges, golden pineapple, bananas, and sweet potatoes come together flawlessly for a bright and nutritious smoothie blend.

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Frozen DOLE® Fruit & Veggie Blends Orange Medley blends is a perfect smoothie treat for those who are craving a delicious, vitamin-packed snack or meal.

All Natural Fruits and Veggies


Excellent Source of Vitamins A & C



*No genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients

orange medley smoothie

Did You Know?

DOLE® uses a freezing process that allows each individual fruit piece to quickly freeze, also known as IQF (individual quick-frozen). This reduces clumping and limits the formation of ice crystals. And the result is a delicious morning smoothie.

Orange Medley Recipes

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