Frozen Blueberries

Whether it’s blended in a smoothie or topping yogurt, you’re sure to enjoy the sweet, juicy taste in each and every flavorful blueberry. Available in 12oz., 32oz., and 48oz. resealable bags. Also available in a 40oz. bag containing 5 pre-portioned individual servings, allowing for easy measuring, and less freezer burn and clumping.

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Frozen DOLE® Blueberries are just as nutritious as fresh fruit. Add some blueberries to your morning smoothie for a great, refreshing taste, and the perfect start to your day.

All Natural Fruit


Just as Nutritious as Fresh Fruit


Good Source of Dietary Fiber

Did You Know?

Blueberries are not only a great addition to your morning smoothie, but they also taste delicious in pancakes, oatmeal, muffins, and other desserts like this blueberry coffee ring.

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