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Donating to New Zealand’s Needy

With Kids Can, LoveSoup, and likeminded givers, we stepped up to ensure 6,000 vulnerable families and 4,500 seniors will receive the essential nutrients they need to come out of this emergency stronger than ever.

Feeding America

Dole is continuing ongoing donations of up to 1.5 million pounds of packaged fruit every year to U.S. food banks.

Giving back to Asia’s grocery and delivery staff

Between the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand Dole is donating various products to check-out staff of our partner markets to show our gratitude for their essential labour.

Helping seniors stay healthy

By working with local food banks and charities, we’re bringing Dole products to seniors in France, the U.K. and the U.S.

Dole Cares Kits

Keeping our Dole family healthy with extra safety measures at our facilities and sending out care packages of sanitising tissue, hand sanitizer, Dole products and thank you notes, to extend our gratitude to our essential workers.

Aid for Asia’s aging community

By partnering with local charities, Dole is creating nutrition packs that come with either juice, Fruit Bowls® or canned fruit for seniors in Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.