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U.S.: Fruit Care Kits

We’re delivering snack kits to hospitals in the U.S. for health care workers that otherwise wouldn’t have time to get the snacks they need to keep going under high stress. Included on each kit are notes of hope and optimism from the employees here at Dole. Help us lift spirits by sending a word of encouragement to include in our care kits.

Keeping the Dole family safe and healthy

At our Philippines farms and within all our facilities, we’ve taken extra sanitization and safety measures. We’ve also committed to working toward providing an economic safety net for all of our staff, including daily and hourly workers, to ensure no one loses their job or will be at financial risk if they contract the virus.

Protecting Ecosystems

We’re protecting marine habitats and coastal wetlands in some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, through our Ridge to Reef initiative to prevent environmental degradation. As part of this project, we’ve planted 3.6 million forest and fruit trees, 914,000 bamboo trees and 15,000 mangroves since 2003.

Supporting the City of Jackson

Dole is partnering with the Mayor of Jackson, MS, Mississippi’s Disaster Relief Action, and Boys & Girls Clubs to support students and families.

Pandemic Help

Dole employees were quick to volunteer when the pandemic struck, assisting in building a COVID-19 test centre. They also offered support with training and capacity building to ensure that local personnel could carry out COVID-19 PCR testing. We provided donations to help and offered the use of our own PCR machine.

Clean Hands Against Covid

Our sustainability and engineering teams have turned colorful metal drums, into touch-free hand washing sinks. Placed in strategic spots, these facilities, with free soap and demonstrations on proper hand washing help in the fight against COVID-19, by preventing the spread.