Our Promises

For more than 120 years, Dole’s mission has been to deliver high-quality fresh and packaged fruit with positive impact on people, planet and prosperity.

Our promise to People, Planet and Prosperity are inspired by the spirit of ‘Sampo Yoshi,’ a Japanese philosophy that views the well-being of society and business as interdependent, ensuring the business is beneficial to all three – the seller, the buyer and the community.

We are doubling down on our mission to do business differently and joining forces with strategic partners in order to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations to better our world today and for future generations to come. Explore our promises below.

We are promising people, planet and prosperity at the heart of everything we do to make the sun shine brighter for all

Explore our Six promises

It has been two years since we announced our 6 Dole Promises to the world. In that time, we have strengthened the understanding within Dole on what it takes to deliver progress. Learn more about our progress over the last fiscal year 2022-2023.


Contributing to Good Nutrition for 1 Billion

Sustainable nutrition for 1 billion people by 2025


Working Towards Zero Fruit Loss

Zero fruit loss from Dole farms to markets by 2025


Aiming for Zero Fossil-Based Plastic Packaging

Move towards zero fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025


Working towards Net Zero Carbon in Our Operations

Carbon neutral in our operations by 2030


Working Towards Zero Processed Sugar

Eliminate processed sugar in all our products by 2025


Shared Value for All Stakeholders

Committed to equal opportunity, living wages, and increased benefits for all stakeholders

Our Actions

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U.S.: Fruit Care Kits

We’re delivering snack kits to hospitals in the U.S. for health care workers that otherwise wouldn’t have time to get the snacks they need to keep going under high stress. Included on each kit are notes of hope and optimism from the employees here at Dole. Help us lift spirits by sending a word of encouragement to include in our care kits.

Keeping the Dole family safe and healthy

At our Philippines farms and within all our facilities, we’ve taken extra sanitization and safety measures. We’ve also committed to working toward providing an economic safety net for all of our staff, including daily and hourly workers, to ensure no one loses their job or will be at financial risk if they contract the virus.

Caring for Canada

Across Canada we’re donating nutritious meals and snacks to frontline health care workers, social service agencies and the homeless population.

Nutrition for the homeless

In France, we’re partnering with online meals delivery company Frichti to help the homeless in Paris, and in the U.K., we’re partnering with IHG to deliver fruit to London’s homeless.

Keeping London’s Homeless Healthy

In support of homeless charity St Mungo’s temporary accommodation initiative, Dole is distributing 14,500 Fruit Bowls® to over 1,000 homeless Londoners currently housed in hotels.

Feeding Singapore

With the help of The Food Bank of Singapore, we’re distributing Dole Care Packs that include canned fruits and Fruit Bowls® to 200,000 needy Singaporeans.

Join us to spread Sunshine For All®