Reinventing the Future of agriculture and food

For people, planet, and prosperity: faithful to our values, we’re accelerating our transformation through innovation

Our Focus Areas

We have identified six key priorities. By focusing on areas of our operations that we can control, we can directly and immediately impact how our business affects people and planet.

Crop Nutrition, Health & Protection

Technologies that will increase the sustainability of our agriculture operations, including solutions like regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration.

Food Waste & Upcycling

Upcycling food that would otherwise be unused helps divert waste from the landfill and gives it new purpose.

Food Safety & Traceability

Supporting consumer demand for transparency and traceability in our operations, from farm to fork.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Bringing nutritious food to 1 billion people through new food formats and ingredients, while also increasing awareness, education, and accessibility of good nutrition.

Environmental Impact & Packaging

Reducing our use of fossil-based plastic in our packaging with fully compostable or recyclable material, as well as reducing our environmental impact on our farms through technology.


Improving farm labor efficiencies through technology from precision agriculture to sensors, automation and robotics.

Innovation for Growth

Bringing in external partners to pilot and co-develop innovative solutions through tech startups, intrapreneurship, investors, and ecosystem partners.

Sunshine For All® Fund

To support open innovation with strategic partnerships and investments in crucial areas of access and waste around the world.

Our Startups

Partners we have worked with to drive positive, impactful change.