Our Story

With over 170 years of experience in the growing & processing of fruits, we value all the effort that goes into growing fruits, so we develop technologies that utilize the goodness of natural resources with minimal processing to offer fruit-based solutions.

Dole Specialty Ingredients (DSI) emerged in 2021 as a corporate venture to transform plant/fruit side streams into high-value specialty ingredients with an aim to divert feedstock left behind in the fruit industry and utilize them in making high value-added ingredients such as enzymes, extracts, oils, fibers and others. These specialty ingredients, together with our existing portfolio of fruit solutions, provide customers with a wide range of choices that match their demands.

Our Purpose In Action

We are building a culture of sustainability and circular economy by introducing high value-added ingredients to businesses and people so they shall thrive and grow with increased long-term business and social/environmental value, reducing the impact on our planet.

We cherish each fruit as a gift of the earth and leave no fruit behind.


DSI is headquartered in Singapore, with our production facilities in Philippines, Thailand, and Sierra Leone.

Our production facilities have access to various tropical fruit farms and manufacturing operations to source natural raw ingredients directly from nature.

How we work with Customers for consumer driven products

We consider all businesses that associate with us to be our partners and so we strive to develop new technologies to deliver high-value ingredients that help grow, upscale and complement the customer’s business and sustainability agenda by:

Providing various grades of natural ingredients that fit well with product formulation requirements

Developing ingredients and applications with a focus on the health & wellbeing of end consumers

By providing Quality and safety tested ingredients

From growing to sourcing and processing, we carefully select the best natural raw materials that undergo minimal processing to produce high-value, ingredients for manufacturers, distributors and other business partners from Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical industries amongst others.