Dole Specialty Ingredients (DSI)

Rooted deep in nurturing and growing fruits, we value the effort in growing each one. So, we make sure no fruit is left behind.

People. Planet. Prosperity

Diverting side-streams towards maximizing value-creation from resources by repurposing them into extracts, oils, enzymes, fibers, and other value-added ingredients to be utilized by the Food and Beverage, Neutraceutical, Cosmeceutical, and other industries.

Fruit/plant based solutions for the health of & wellbeing of consumers

Sustainable practices in growing, sourcing and producing

Value creation for business partners and communities

Why work with DSI

Sustainable practices in growing, sourcing and producing

Tropical Fruit side streams that come from sustainably managed agriculture and manufacturing operations are processed using sustainable/natural methods into specialty ingredients. Further, with access to million tonnes of side stream supply and production factory near the source itself, we come with the promise of freshness, quality, and reduced carbon footprint.

Green technologies

Our focus is on technologies and processes that are eco-friendly and do not negatively impact the earth’s resources. We also make a conscious effort to adopt a circular economy model, whereby we are not only looking to utilize side streams from existing operations but also making sure that any waste generated from DSI’s operations is repurposed as well.

Traceability & Scalability

With access to large operations, all consolidated in one location makes it easy for DSI to ensure food safety, traceability, operational efficiency, and end consumer sustainability demand. Further, with our vertically integrated operations, we can control quality at each stage of the value chain and make sure that maximum value is captured in our ingredients.

Ensuring sustainable economies for farmers

We aim to create a business model that benefits all the involved stakeholders with a special focus on the communities that work on our upstream operations, through DSI we are creating economic opportunities for our farmers and ensuring safe work environments.


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