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Working families aren’t immune from food insecurity. Just ask Julia.

Working families aren’t immune from food insecurity. Just ask Julia.

“Well, it could affect anybody. Because it did us. My husband had a good job, got hurt and was on disability. It could be me, it could be you, could be anyone. It’s not just the homeless, or people who look a certain way that need food and need help.”

Fortunately, there are resources out there that can help. In Julia’s case, she was provided restaurant coupons that allow her to feed her growing family.

“A woman I was helping out said, ‘I have this ticket I want to give you. I know you have a family of 5 – this coupon can cover all of you.’ And my daughter’s birthday had just passed and we weren’t able to do anything for her birthday yet, so the timing was great.”

The first step for all of us is to move past the stigma surrounding food insecurity.

“I was nervous at first because I thought people would be staring at us, handing them this coupon. But as soon as we walked in, the atmosphere was nice, we were treated with respect. Even when we handed over the coupon, they gave us extra food.

“My daughter was like, ‘mom, I can’t believe you did this!’ It was something that was given to us and we appreciate it. It was just a perfect experience.”

Dole Packaged Foods is committed to the fight against food insecurity. That’s why we donate over 1 million pounds of fruits to food banks every year, putting healthy food in the hands of those who need it most.

You can help, too. Find your local food bank at feedingamerica.org. Donate some food, some time, or contact them to see how you can make the biggest impact.

Together, we can let sunshine in. And drive hunger out.

*Out of respect for privacy, we’ve changed names and faces in this article.