Our Code of Conduct

Dole strives to ensure the highest ethical conduct in the treatment of its employees and in its business dealings with consumers, vendors and customers. Our Code of Conduct serves to guide the actions of our employees, offices, and directors in ways that are consistent with our shared values. Please allow adequate time for file to load.

Explore our Seven core values


We adhere to the highest ethical standards and conduct business openly and honestly within the spirit and letter of the law.


Our mission to provide the finest, high-quality fresh fruit, vegetables and packaged foods is Dole’s top priority.


We are dedicated to bringing increased value to our customers around the world.


Dole values loyal relationships with its stakeholders—our customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and host countries and communities around the world.


We are committed to fulfilling our customers’ expectations in the critical areas of quality assurance, food safety, traceability, environmental responsibility and social accountability.


We are committed to maintaining a positive and diverse workplace and supplier base that fosters open dialog and recognizes the importance of individual and cultural differences.


Dole fosters a results-oriented culture based on our values.

Suspect a Breach of Our Code?

Let us know! You may report any suspected Code violations via the options below.

Dole Internet Hotline:
You may report any suspected Code violations at www.integrity.doleintl.com.

Dole Telephone Hotline:
You may report any suspected Code violation by calling Dole’s Hotline as follows:

If in the U.S.: +1.855.502.1877
If outside the U.S., call collect to +1.770.263.4745