Frozen Mixed Berries

A perfect blend of handpicked strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries that’s even more perfect in smoothies. Available in a 12oz. bag and also conveniently portioned in a 40oz. bag containing 5 pre-portioned individual servings, allowing for easy measuring, and less freezer burn and clumping.

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Frozen DOLE® Mixed Berries not only make the best smoothies, each serving is an excellent source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C.

All Natural Fruit


Just as Nutritious as Fresh Fruit

Non GMO*

*No genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients

Did You Know?

Mixed berries are a fun way to add some fruit flavor to water or iced tea. Just add a handful of berries to any pitcher for a refreshing berry tea taste.

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