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Dole Sunshine Company!

We envision a world where good nutrition and wellness fuels prosperity for both people and planet. And this begins with harnessing the goodness of the earth. #sunshineforall.

Our Purpose in Action

Since our humble beginnings almost 120 years ago, Dole has believed that good nutrition should be more like sunshine – available for all.

This is why our rallying cry of “Sunshine for All® is important not only for us, but for all people across the world. A more equitable world where everyone – irrespective of their age, race, income, location, or gender – has the right to nutrition that comes from the goodness of the earth.

Musa Fabric

As part of our Dole Promise towards zero fruit loss and reduced landfills necessary for carbon neutrality, Dole Sunshine Company has partnered with social enterprise Musa Fabric to turn banana waste into fibres of purpose through a partnership creating fashion products, woven by marginalized communities. We believe that by putting the prosperity of people and the planet at the heart of everything we do, the sun shines brighter for us all.

Malnutrition Labels Food Waste

After a larger-than-life activation earlier in the year, projecting Malnutrition Labels on the side of New York, Los Angeles, and Baltimore buildings, Dole and City Harvest are getting the word out in a small but most relevant space, New York’s trash bins. By presenting New Yorkers with this information, we hope to #ChangeTheFacts and reduce food waste in New York City and across the country.

The Growing Distance

We believe good nutrition is a human right. That’s why we’re striving to put healthy food within reach for all. Join us to build a brighter future and learn how we’re sparking conversation and action to help close the gaps in nutrition access, affordability, and acceptability.

Malnutrition Labels

Malnutrition isn’t specific to one city, one region, or one country. It doesn’t discriminate based on ethnicity or age or gender identity or socioeconomic status. We believe good nutrition is a human right. Join us to change the facts.

Dole x Datuna

NFT Collaboration

Using Sunshine for All as inspiration, ‘Hungry Artist’ David Datuna has created a series of NFT art pieces that bring awareness to nutrition inequality worldwide. Join us, David and the Boys and Girls Club in taking a bite out of hunger.

Our Philosophy

Sampo Yoshi’s concept of Triple Satisfaction

Good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society

Our Promises for a brighter world

For more than 120 years, Dole’s mission has been to deliver high-quality fresh and packaged fruit with the positive impact on people, planet and prosperity. We are insprired by the spirit of ‘Sampo Yoshi,’ a philosophy that views the well-being of society and business as interdependent, and ensures the business is beneficial to the seller, to the buyer, and to the community. 

This promise is bigger than ourselves. We are doubling down on our mission to do business differently and joining forces with strategic partners in order to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations to better our world today and for future generations to come. 

We are promising to put people and planet at the heart of everything we do to make the sun shine brighter for all. 

Fresh Produce

We inspire and empower everyone to eat healthier and live better by offering a wide variety of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables grown and distributed with the highest quality standards in mind. Our recipe for growing nutritious produce combines responsible farming practices, comprehensive food safety programs, transparency, worker support initiatives, and innovative production and distribution methods to bring top-quality pineapples, bananas, blueberries, and more to all.

Food & Beverages

As we work towards our goal of zero fruit loss, we utilize our farm-fresh produce to deliver a range of shelf stable, packaged snacks, meals, ingredients, beverages, and functional foods that have a positive impact on people and our planet. From our signature FRUIT BOWLS® to Canned Pineapple, each of our product innovations are sourced from the goodness of the earth and are made with simple, clean ingredients.

We serve consumers across the World